Friday, April 22, 2011

Still Hexing

My little hexagons are coming along slowley. I have been pre-occupied with a little foster dog who has been with me for a month. My hexi work box is just in arms reach so always close at hand.

Dudley's tumor is beginning to have an effect on his daily walks so we have cut them back. A visit to the vet has again confirmed it is only a fat growth but may now be affecting the nerves in his leg so we have decided to operate next month. Hopefully he will be a new dog soon :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little Hexies

I've always steered clear of hand sewing, not even taking joy in stitching up knitted projects. It was a real step for me to start the QAYG hexagons a few years ago and I still have only 70 made!

After searching for hexagons on the internet I discovered many blogs and spent hours reading them. One in particular The Great Hexagon Quilt-Along. This encouraged me to try out paper pieced hexies and what do you know.. I am quite enjoying this! Most of my quilts in the past few years have been on a small scale, I like working in mimiature, so my hexies are too. Probably not the best way for me to start and learn a new technique but I don't need another large quilt. I picked out a space on a wall and I plan to hang a hexie quilt there.

I have Springfield hexagon templates to cut from but found the 1" (point-to-point) was too small and the 1.5" was too big for my liking so I used incomeptech to print 1.25" ones onto cardstock - then I was in action!