Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Great American Aran Afghan

Just before Xmas I received a knitting book through the mail. The Great American Aran Afghan. Many years ago I'd made myself an aran jumper and loved the style. I couldn't go passed this book. I also got one for mum - The Great North American Afghan.

I am keen to start but am having trouble finding a suitable yarn. Here in Australia you can't get the Plymouth Encore as stated in the book. I could get it by mail order from the USA but it would be over AU$300 which is too much. In the end I ordered 100% pure Australian wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills. I just hope that the Plymouth Encore Worsted is equal to an Australian 8ply. All up it was AU$123 and free postage! Now I just have to wait until it gets here.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Xmas day was spent at my grandmothers, we had about 10-12 for a baked dinner and sat around for the afternoon. Why do they insist on a baked dinner in the middle of summer? I would happily settle for a ham salad or prawns but they must keep the English tradition. Luckily the day wasn't too hot, just comforatble in the mid 20'sC.
My sister picked me up and we went to the parents about 10.30am and did the present thing there - why do they always ask what you want for xmas then you don't get anything you ask for?? It wasn't too much just a particular CD and a new street directory, mines a good 10 years old and I've been living interstate for 7 1/2 of those. There's been a lot of new subdivisions and some changes while I've been away.

Boxing day I went to an uncles on my fathers side. They have their annual "family reunion". It's been 6 years since I last made it. I don't think my sister has ever gone. My father and all his brothers and sisters have all died so the uncle is really by marriage but he does his bit to keep all the cousins and kids together. I've missed out on so much with my cousins children, one of them is a 2nd year app chef and a other couple are learning to drive. They were all so young last time I saw them. There is also the annual height chart on the garage wall (kids only).

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm Here

For some time now I have been looking at various blogs. I've just been clicking on the "Next Blog" link on the top bar. I've often thought it would be nice to have my own blog but what will I put into it?

I'm very lax when it comes to writing, answering letters, even keeping a diary, so it's quite likely that I wont be writing much here at all. Then there's another username and password to remember. Everywhere you go you are encouraged to 'Log In' and create an account... can you remember everywhere your've been? All those usernames and passwords?

Anyway, I'm here now, lets see how things go.